Yoga for Children

Ensuring & Safeguarding the Mental Health of Children Everywhere Through Yoga

Why is Yoga for Children Important?


10% of children suffer from some form of mental health illness.


That means that in a classroom of 30 children there are 3 gorgeous kiddies experiencing depression or anxiety at any given moment.

It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.


We, as the guiding generation, MUST do something about it.

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Yoga for Children

Benefits for Children

Number 4

In encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Now lets be clear, I don't teach any dietary advice or exercise program.

However throughout a Jo Yoga class, information regarding being healthy, happy and whole is 'drip fed' to the children.

Through the power of experience, during a Yoga class children learn how it FEELS to be healthy and happy, thereby encouraging healthier choices in the future.

Health is an all round practice, not just food & movement, but also thoughts, emotions and breath.

I am a qualified Starchild Yoga Instructor, Yoga for the Special Child Instructor and Kundalini Yoga Teacher.


I also am qualified in Neurology for Kundalini Teachers, focusing on Mental Health.


My extensive experience in teaching within educational establishments has enabled me to study what works and benefits children.


The curriculum as a tendency to  focus on results and Maths, English & Science, and yet all of these would be vastly improved if we focused on the fundamentals of the children.


Children learn more effectively when they are happy.


It is their birthright to be Healthy, Happy and Whole as the person they are.


When these three fundamentals are in place, everything else just flows successfully.

The classes work on each child as a complete individual.


During a session, I guide the children through the process with their own thoughts, as well as the class as a whole.


They are encouraged to use their own words and language when speaking to themselves, although always positive (which for many children is difficult).


Skills to manage breath and breathing patterns, both with and without body or hand movements, are used for children to discover how to manage their emotions and responses.


Tension and aches within a growing body are relieved and removed using traditional yoga poses alongside Kundalini Yoga (a yoga system that uses the spine, breath & sound) techniques.


Deep relaxation. Children struggle to relax and yet it is in these moments of peace and reflection that enable the child to experience their own sense of self and grow openhearted into the person they are destined to be.


Meditation – In this methodology, meditation tools from various traditions are fused together to enable the class to alter brain patterns, find their voices and change habits.

How this works.....

Science bit –Yoga in the past has been used as a spiritual practice, to reach a state of ‘no mind’ in which ultimate happiness is supposedly residing.  

Today and with the Jo Yoga Methodology, Yoga is a practice, made up of many components, which equips and enables the ‘Yogi’ or practitioner to be healthier, happier and to be themselves, fully.

Sound changes the vibrations within the brain and body, altering the flow of energy and electricity.

Hand gestures (mudras) use pressure points in the hands & fingers to alter the electromagnetic impulses of the body (Kirtan Kriya, SA TA NA MA has been proved to lessen alzheimers disease  and depression sharpening the brain

Movement releases held tension and anxiety in the muscles and joints. Growing bodies need to be moved in non-contact, non-weight bearing movement. This improved blood circulation, bone density and the increase in oxygen via the breath awareness, increase the function of the vital organs.

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  • 10 – 15 minute sessions for you to use as a ‘settler’ or ‘liven-er’ for you day/class.

  •  5 - 10 minute mindfulness practices

  •  longer deeper sessions with appropriate themes tying in with the curriculum. As a guideline – all classes are aimed at the 8 – 13yr age group. These will also be appropriate for younger and older however you may need to take slightly more of a guiding role, knowing your pupils the way you do. 

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