A fun short practice inspired with all things christmassy.

If you don't celebrate christmas that is Ok  you can still have fun with all the postures.

A quick little settler class using the mantra Sat Nam (Truth is my Identity).

Sat Nam steadies the heart rate & brain waves enabling a peace of mind and preparation for some focused work - great for before  tests/exams.

To lift the energy and strengthen the body.

When anxiety or tension needs to be released in a more active way - this is the sequence.

A beautiful, visualization to encourage creativity, imagination and calm.

A short livener to focus the mind and lift the heart rate producing joy and a focused group.

Classroom Yoga does not have to be a logistical nightmare!!  It is easy with these easy to do postures.

Settling the heart & mind to prepare for a more focused mindset.

A meditation full of positive affirmations.

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